Xander is a little pug who is totally blind. In fact, he was born without eyes.

Do you know what Xander does have? His tiny body holds a giant heart and he has the most charming personality.

Xander has a very important job as well. He is a service dog, bringing smiles everywhere he goes.

As a 24 month old pug mix, Xander arrived at an Oregon animal shelter about 12 months ago. Surprisingly, within days he was adopted.

Noticing Xander’s wonderful personality, Rodney Beedy immediately took him home. He believed that this lovable little dog could become an amazing therapy dog.

After adopting Xander, Rodney and his wife got him officially certified as a therapy dog.

Xander comforts his new mom in the hospital

He instinctively wants to help

Above all, Xander has a natural knack for making people feel better. If he hears crying he’ll go to the person right away.

Xander focuses on being a support for victims of child and spousal abuse.

Xander can handle crowds of children with grace, and he gets around very well without being able to see. Nothing phases him.

He is ready to handle anything and comfort anyone. Xander is one of the best therapy dogs ever.

Xander works extensively with Klamath Chapter Hands & Words Are Not for Hurting project as well as Klamath Lake Cares.

Dogs are all heart and it’s natural for almost any dog to be loving. However, Xander really shows the world what blind pugs are made of.

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When dressed up, Xander looks just great

Blind dog halos are available for dogs of all sizes.
They prevent blind dogs from bumping into furniture and give them freedom and confidence.

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