The Michigan Humane Society received a special needs pug who was in very bad shape.

Mikey’s beginnings were so negative, in fact, that he was nearly euthanized before he got into the safe hands.

The helpless pug was diagnosed with demodectic mange and glaucoma. It had left him blind and in excruciating pain.

MHS veterinarians decided that in order for Mikey to be happy and healthy, the best thing to do was to remove the eyes.

Once the dog recovered sufficiently, Michigan Pug Rescue stepped in to help find a suitable adoption for him.

In March, the now 2-year-old pug found a new home with Sabrina Johnson, the district judge for Inkster, MI. He’s adjusting well to his new life.

“I got him from rescue, and he really rescued me,” Johnson said in the video. “He’s just the love of my life.”



Judge Johnson brings her little pug to work with her each day, and he spreads smiles all around. Everybody loves him.


Mikey came into my life on march 20 2015 after his eyes had been removed in November of 2014.

He was probably born with some sight issues, but he also was not treated very well. Therefore the decision was made to remove both of his eyes. 

Actually, Mikey had a couple of different conditions – the most obvious being that he was blind. He also had demodex mange and upon further examination Mikey was found to have a severe case of glaucoma causing extreme eye pain. So, we made the decision to remove both of his eyes.

Due to the many medical conditions, we reached out to a transfer partner of ours Michigan Pug Rescue, so that they could find him a new home.

At a meet and greet it was love at first sight. Mikey was about three weeks old when I first brought it home

I had him on leash. I took around my house maybe three times and he does not bump into anything. He knows how to avoid furniture the coffee table. He knows where the door is and where his food is.

I’d read about positive mapping that dogs have and it’s really true. I can bring him into new environments and after a while I can unleash him as he gets around very well. Just sometimes when we’re walking in the park he’ll get going and run into a tree. He simply backs up, shakes it off, and keep moving.

He really has taught me a lot about how to live life.

I like to relax and he’s a lot like me. 

I’ve seen very tough police officers get down on their hands and knees and just play with him. He’ll cuddle with them and they love him. 

I got a lot of support from the rescue crew and he had great foster parents who treated him very well.

He is the love of my life.

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