An unlikely hero arrived seemingly out of nowhere and saved Shannon Lorio after she crashed her car on a deserted rural road in Georgia.

Shannon lay unconscious in her wrecked vehicle, when a stray dog came out of the woods and came to her aid.

The dog pulled her out of the car, dragging her a considerable distance back to the road. He helped her get up on her feet, so she was able to flag down a passing car before she collapsed again. Shannon woke up in hospital.

In the video below, Shannon recounts the events around her rescue by Hero that fateful day. Watch how this German Shepherd acted as an angel in disguise to rescue her.



Shannon Tells Her Story In Her Own Words

Shannon honestly believes this wonderful dog saved her life – you will, too, after listening to her story!

My name is Shannon Lorio, originally born and raised right here in South Georgia. It’s basically a quiet area where everybody keeps to themselves. The roads are real curry winding and there are lots of woods.

My husband and I had a really bad argument and I was angry. The area where I was driving, we call NASCAR road, because
people have a tendency to speed on that road. And I was speeding. I was going really fast
I turned onto Dunn Road which is really winding and curvy. I took the first curve. No problems. Then I came into the second curve and the car fishtailed. It took me from the driver seat and threw me out the back glass.

The next thing I remembered was when I came to on the back of my car. The bottom part of my body was laying in the back seat and my torso area was catty corner up onto the back of the trunk. I wasn’t quite sure what had happened. I just knew I was in a lot of pain.

Because of the way my car went in, there’s no way anyone would have seen me or come and save me.

I don’t know how long i had been out before I came to. But I remember when I did come to, I felt this huge presence. I could feel his breath. The dog, I did not know and had never seen him. I don’t know if he was making his rounds, if he was headed back to his original owner. I don’t know how he came across me and I thank God that he did.

He jumped up onto the back of the car and he was up there where I was at. My face was bleeding and he began to lick my face and the next time I came to, he had had me turned around and had me halfway off the car.  He was pulling me off the back of my car. He had me by my shirt and by my jacket, and he was tugging and pulling me. He literally turned and pulled. He wouldn’t give up. He had more zest for life at that point than I did.

He dragged me up to the edge of the road. When he got me up here to the edge of the road I said to myself: I’ve got to stand up. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself up. That was the first time I stood up.

There was a vehicle. I couldn’t tell you if it was a car if it was a truck, but they stopped. I leaned down into the vehicle and said: I just wrecked my car. Will you please call my husband?

I must have passed back out again because I woke up in the hospital, and remember seeing my daughter standing in the doorway. She said: You have a cranial brain hemorrhage and you’re bleeding. It’s a small bleed in the brain. They’re waiting to see whether you need surgery or not. Luckily I didn’t and I came home to recover here at the house.

This dog did everything. He is an amazing animal. I honestly believe in my heart that if he had not come, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

Hero Becomes A Search And Rescue Dog

After saving Shannon’s life, the stray dog was taken to the Humane Society, where he was adopted by Canine Search and Rescue trainer Heidy Drawdy.

Heidy says: We’re training him for wilderness right now and he’s doing it really really well. Just as he found Shannon, he loves to run through the woods. When he finds someone, he’s so excited. We hope that by the end of the year he will be certified, so that he is mission ready.

My ultimate goal: I’d love to see him as an urban Search and Rescue Dog.

Whenever there’s a collapsed building or Katrina, these dogs are trained to go into crashed buildings and find people who are still alive. That’s what he needs to do.

Shannon says: He saved my life without any training. To think what he could do with the right amount of training – he could be saving many more lives. Personally I think all dogs are here as the greatest thing in the world.

She had her first reunion with Hero yesterday, when she arrived with her mother-in-law with gifts for the dog, including a large pillow, a stuffed animal and a bone almost as big as a rolling pin.

When Lorio returned today, she hugged and kissed Hero as he plopped down on the pillow and began crunching the bone with his strong jaws.

She said — quote — “If he ever needs anything, I’ll be there.” She said she can’t adopt Hero because she already has six dogs.

But, she said, “If I did adopt him, he’d be treated like the king he is. That dog is always going to have a special place in my heart.”

He will always be my hero. That’s what everybody started to call him, and that’s how he got his name.

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