Olivia Sievers is a German flight attendant who frequently travels to Buenos Aires. Six months ago, during  a stay in Argentina, Olivia befriended Rubio, one of Argentina’s famous street dogs.


This very insistent stray dog followed her around town. Olivia tried to shake off the dog since she did not want him to grow attached to her. No chance. She ended up giving him some food and that was it – victory was his. Apparently, the dog could not bear the idea of losing her, so he began to wait outside the hotel each morning.

“I tried to change my way as I didn’t want him to follow me to the hotel but it was not possible – he always followed me so I tried [to wait] one hour but he always watched me and followed me.” Sievers even found a home for Rubio in Buenos Aires but he escaped it and returned to the hotel to wait for her.

The dog was right there at the hotel the next time Sievers was in town. He just sat there waiting for her. Whenever she returned from a long trip, the dog seemed to find her, and greeted her outside her hotel.

Olivia documented their friendship on her Facebook page, which is now private. She named the dog Rubio, and decided to adopt him. He now lives with Sievers and her other two dogs in Germany. Rubio seems very comfortable with his new life.

flight-attendant and dog 3

Each time she arrived in Buenos Aires, the dog waiting outside Olivia’s hotel.


flight-attendant and dog 5

At first Olivia did not want the dog to become attached to her and she found him a home in Buenos Aires. However,  he escaped and went back to the hotel to wait for her.

flight-attendant and dog 6

Olivia could not resist the dog’s loyalty and fell in love with him. She eventually adopted the dog and brought him to her home in Germany.

flight-attendant and dog 7

Olivia named her new dog Rubio and he is very happy in his new home.

flight-attendant and dog 8

flight-attendant and dog

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flight attendant and dog 2

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“OLIVIA FROM GERMANY, along with Rubio and one of his brothers Enzo 4 legs!
They wish everyone Buenas Noches.”
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