Since the town refused to help a poor dog, neighbors took matters into their own hands and jumped the fence to save him.

Here’s a dog that had no name, no good family. Whoever it was who owned him muzzled his snout tightly with duct tape and chained him at the side of the house. There he lay on a slab of hard cold concrete in all weather.

He barked, he pleaded for attention… but no one paid attention and for years nothing changed, until….

At some point a neighbor noticed the heartbreaking sight next door. Day after day, there was the dog — alone, neglected and hopeless.

The neighbors grew more concerned and frustrated, but even their angry calls to the police did nothing. The dog remained outside. Finally, the neighbors had enough.

One day, when no one was home next door, they jumped the fence and saved this poor, nameless dog.


Animal Advocates Society

The dog was chained and alone, sleeping on concrete all day every day.


Animal Advocates Society



Animal Advocates Society



Animal Advocates Society



Animal Advocates Society


Finally, the dog was rescued from his miserable situation. He found a warm home he needed so badly. He also got a new name, Alfie.


Animal Advocates Society

Instead of being chained and sleeping on concrete, Alfie now enjoys the wide open spaces including the beach.


Animal Advocates Society

What a difference. No chains or muzzle.


Animal Advocates Society

Play and toys – as much as he wants.


Animal Advocates Society

Alfie even got a “twin” brother – a pup who looks just like him. Now he has someone to run and play outside with.


Animal Advocates Society

Family picnics are such fun (and tasty).


Animal Advocates Society

The family takes Alfie and his brother on exciting adventures that include playing and swimming.


Animal Advocates Society

Above all, love and freedom describe Alfie’s life these days. This is how Alfie is living out his final years. Happy and free!



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