This little kitten is a real action hero. Look at the way it climbs up the high partition, while the puppy on hind legs, stretches up as high as he can go. He seems to want to help her.

At a pet store in Taiwan, the cutest little puppy and a lovely kitten are kept in their enclosures, side-by-side yet unable to see or play with one another.

Just when it’s clear the puppy is feeling lonely and calling it a night, his faithful friend beside him decides to pay him a heartwarming visit.

The entire incident was caught on the store camera during the night. It’s the most touching moment of animal friendship ever seen.

It’s SO cute but at the same time touches the heart when you think of these lonely animals waiting to be adopted day after day.

Thankfully, in the United States at least, more and more pet stores are rescuing pets from shelters and avoid buying from puppy farms and other commercial breeders.

There’s an important lesson to be learned from this warmhearted little kitten and her adorable puppy friend.

via littlethings | klipland

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