Ralphie is a three year old Boxer mix, who loved to snuggle and play with the house cat. He was devoted to keeping his human family. But then, a new baby sibling arrived and Ralphie started taking his job a bit too seriously. In fact, he started showing signs of resource guarding, which led to an incident with the landlord. Bad news.

At first, the family saw his new protective behavior as cute and funny, but over time it became a serious problem. Things came to a head when the landlord entered the yard unnanounced one day, and he was nipped by the dog who was unleashed at the time.

The landlord is a dog lover, but his main concern was the safety of his tenants. So, he told Ralphie’s humans that he could not stay. They tried everything to change his mind, including the option of bringing in a trainer and never letting the dog off-leash. But, the landlord could not be swayed, because of his concern for other families and kids.

Ralphie’s family were devastated and even considered moving. The tried to set up a GoFundMe account to help with expenses, but that did not work out.

The landlord agreed to giving the family a week to find a home for Ralphie. But, but the end of seven days there were still no adopters.

The elderly landlord agreed to wait a bit longer till finally they found a trainer experienced in rehabilitating unadoptable and agressive cases. She agreed to take Ralphie but he had to train at her facility. Ralphie’s advocates worked hard to raise funds for the trip. The bad news was that with the race against the clock fundraising stalled. The good news was that the trainer agreed to find Ralphie a home following the training.

Such A Miracle

Finally, funding was found in the nick of time, with just a few days left before a scheduled euthanasia.

It will be some time before Ralphie can be adopted, but in the meantime he is  doing well in the training program, thanks to generous souls who worked hard to keep him alive.

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