This is the story of Adam Parascandola who is a member of the Animal Rescue Team. They do so many puppy mill raids and it is always the same everywhere – a total disregard for the physical and emotional health of the dogs.

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The first part of the story takes place in Jones County North Carolina we responded there to assist with a puppy mill. One of the buildings on the property looked like a small shed and at first we thought it was just storage shed. The smell was horrendous.

I immediately saw a cage with a small chihuahua in it and went to try and open the cage. The latch was actually rusted shut.

This was the dog’s entire life really. I don’t think he had come out of that cage in years.

What little food and water he had, was probably just given through the bars. His whole bottom jaw, I mean at least half of it, was missing. He was just a skeleton under the long fur.

All that the dogs we get out of these rescue efforts want and need is love and attention. And when I got this little guy out, he laid his head on my shoulder and at that moment I felt responsible for him. I felt responsible for making sure that he was never gonna have to suffer like that again

This little guy, despite all he’d been through, really very quickly his whole personality came out and it was so wonderful to be able to see what a character he is.

Billy makes me laugh every single day.

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