What Type of Dog Would be Best for Me and My Lifestyle?

Have you heard that before?

At first the task of finding a suitable dog might seem overwhelming and many factors do need to be considered.  It’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin. The process can be fairly simple with this guide through potential pitfalls.

In order to choose just the right dog for you, take into account a number of factors. After all you hope your new dog will be your best friend for as long as it lives, so you need to make informed decisions.


Here are some questions you really need to answer before taking this big step:

  • Do you really want a dog? It happens that we find ourselves being pressured by others, or emotionally “blackmailed” by family members to take on the responsibility of another living being when we’re not up to it. If you will end up as the dog’s primary caretaker, check your motives carefully since it is the dog who ultimately suffers most if you make a bad decision.
  • What are your main reasons for wanting a dog?  Are you thinking of taking a dog as playmate for your kids, to protect your house, as a personal companion, or as a show animal? Each of these reasons for wanting to get a dog, will greatly impact the type of dog you eventually choose. Regardless of whether you get a pedigree or mutt, a lapdog or larger animal, it is important to know that any pet requires a great deal of investment of time, care, and attention.
  • Are you only interested in a cute puppy?  Cuddly balls of fur don’t stay that way for long. They grow into energetic and often willful older dogs. So, before your dive in, be sure that you really do have a place for a dog in your life.
  • Are you dying to get a pure bred dog? Most dogs are cross breeds and only a few are really pure breeds. Cross breed include the “designer dogs” as well as mutts of all furs and sizes. There are pros and cons to each, so learn about the differences.

Investing time and energy in choosing the right dog for you, your family, and lifestyle is time well spent. Do some research and avoid making poor decisions and expensive or heartbreaking mistakes.

Additional Considerations to Take into Account When Choosing a Dog

In addition to thoughts raised above, you might like to think if there are certain unique circumstances that could influence your dog choosing decision.

A classic example would be: Is there a family member or someone likely to come into regular contact with your dog who suffers from allergies. This might make you wonder if you should get a dog at all, since your decision could induce a negative outcome.

You’ll be glad to know there are plenty of hypoallergenic dog breeds. They are generally known to be non-shedding and therefore unlikely to spread allergens to the extent seen in shedding dogs.

By now you probably realize that their many factors to consider when choosing which dog is best for you. It all comes down to educating yourself so you can ensure the newcomer to your household matches your lifestyle and family needs. While you’re in the discovery stage don’t let your heart rule your head and keep it simple.

Once the decision to get a dog has been made and you find your match, enjoy many hours, days and years of pleasurable interaction with your furry friend.

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