The internet is buzzing after a photo on Reddit went viral.

Kate Banastak

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Instant Stardom

Kellan, an Irish wolfhound, has been catapulted into stardom due to a his winner Halloween costume. Kellan belongs to Former Miss Delaware, Kate Banastak.

“I actually toyed with other costume ideas because I thought Wayne’s World was so 90’s, a lot of people may not ‘get it,'” Banaszak told The Dodo. “But, I’m a huge fan of the movie so decided to go with the idea anyway!”


via Kate Banastak

Last year Kate chose another of her two darlings as costume partner. Kellam’s little sister Bella was a winner too. So cute!


via Kate Banastak

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Kate’s furkids relaxing at home

via Kate Banastak
via Kate Banastak
via Kate Banastak
via Kate Banastak

Since becoming Miss Delaware, Kate has received lots of attention herself.  However, Kellan’s picture found its way to Reddit after Kate posted it on her Facebook page, and the rest is viral history. 🙂

In her private life, Ms. Banaszak lives with animals and works as a veterinary technician and manager of an animal hospital.

“In my line of work, I’ve found that many pet owners just kind of coexist with their animals, and that is as far as the relationship goes,” Banaszak said. “I’d love for people to see our photo, and decide to go do something fun and unexpected with their pets.”

“Honestly, my husband and I take Kellan everywhere with us, and we joke that we can’t make it 5 feet down the street without being stopped by someone who wants to take photos or ask questions,” said Banaszak. “Kellan really is like Garth Algar. He’s just enjoying the heck out of every moment and making people laugh without trying.”

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