A young couple were upset to see their 16 year old dog Buddy lose all his confidence, and they decided to do something about it.

A trip to the hardware store ended in a clever contraption that allows a blind dog to get around safely.

The fact that Buddy no longer bumps into walls has restored his confidence no end.

So, how did he go blind? 5 months ago when Buddy was 16, he suddenly began to lose his vision due to cataracts. This resulted in trouble walking, and he constantly stopped in his tracks, out of fear he’d hit is head while bumping into things unexpectedly.

Once his owners had to carry him everywhere, they knew a solution had to be found for Buddy.

See Buddy test the harness

The harness acts as a bumper between Buddy and walls, for example. The tiny pooch is back to his old ways now, roaming his house and backyard, eating and drinking without issue, thanks to the brilliant invention.

This video describes how the harness was made – excellent

“He still bumps into things,” said Berg, “but the device shields Buddy from the blow. “

via: country living.com | afv.com | Featured image: Jordan Berg

Another Dog Benefits from the Same Brilliant Idea

This is brilliant, my friend Tony a very sensitive man and animal lover, watched a video of a contraption made for a blind dog, he then made one for the neighbors dog. What a special thing! I had to share. – Melinda Ratcliff

Blind dog halos are available for dogs of all sizes. They give your dog freedom and confidence. 

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