Batty was a 5 months old bulldog mix who was looking for a home. He was born blind, but once he settled into life at the shelter where he was dropped off due to his disability, Batty became playful and happy.


As soon as Cassidy Kraus and her boyfriend Brett Weyers saw a video of the lively pup online, they wanted him to join their family.

Their own dog Soto is also blind. So they already had experience dealing with a blind dog and thought it would be great if Soto could have a blind brother. Krauss and Weyers had been looking to adopt a Bulldog. And as soon as they saw Ago, they knew they had to get him.

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Weyers, Kraus, Soto and his new brother drove the 32 hours back home to Wisconsin. Now Ago has been busy settling into his new life with his family: figuring out the elevator and learning when Soto’s had enough of Ago’s puppy energy. But while Ago may have a little adjusting to do, they’ve become a happy family.



This Facebook post has many stories about blind dog rescues in the comments – Inspiring!

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