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6 Feet Long Reflective Paracord Dog Rope Leash


So, What’s the Controversy All About?

There are 2 sides to this coin and both stand by their opinions with equal fervor.

Generally, most people are upset about a dog running free ANYWHERE for the following reasons:

  1. A fear of dogs (often irrational)
  2. Dogs make a mess (leave poop behind)
  3. A dog might chase other dogs and animals

Let’s Look at the Objections

Unfortunately Phobias Regarding Dogs are Quite Common

Although fear of dogs sometimes stem from negative experience, all too often it cannot be traced back to an particular incident. The fear seems to be totally irrational and unfounded. Dog lovers often find this hard to understand.

Dogs have been with man for thousands of years and help us in so many ways. Those who fear dogs are missing out on a wonderful gift.

Public Poop

Whether your dog is on- or off-leash, poop should be scooped up – end of story. As dog owners, we have no right to spoil the happy experience of children and hikers when they step in a gooey mess.

Chasing Dogs & Other Animals

First of all, we need to understand that the chase is part of being a dog.

There’s a story, where campers were being visited by a bear who had lost all fear of humans and came to the campground rummaging for food. When he encountered some unleashed dogs, however, the bear went off in search for easier targets. Not only did this protect the campers, but it also prevented the risk of the bear being put down due to being seen as a threat to human life.

I’m a dog person. I’m an outdoors person. So it should come as no surprise that I like to combine the two. And I don’t like to use a leash when I do it. But having Wiley off-leash out in the mountains, desert, or beach regularly leads to problems. Not with him, and not with wild animals, but with people. Heck, a cop even tried to shoot him once simply for being off-leash, and that’s just crazy. So I figured I’d look into the issue and do my best at making the argument why my dog—or any dog, for that matter—belongs off-leash in the outdoors.

via outsideonline.com

As described above, there are dog parents who believe the rules regarding dog leashes are a bit ridiculous and that certainly in the outdoors there’s no harm in allowing their dog to run free.

The Other Side of the Argument

Most lawmakers and others totally disagree. They are less enthusiastic about the possibility of a large energetic animal bounding up to a young family during a picnic out in the woods.

Although it’s not an everyday occurrence, tabloid stories about pitbull attacks stick in the imagination forever. No one can ever be 100% sure that a dog owner can really control his dog.

There’s a lovely story about a rehabilitated pitbull, who after rescue became an affectionate, warm pet. Although it has never shown danger signs and is integrated into a family, it always leaves the house on a leash.

In contrast, during daily walks, this dog frequently encounters a dog owner on a bike with his dog running up ahead-  no leash in sight. The slightest misstep and a dog fight might ensue, where there could be a child injured, quarantine for the dog or worse, having it put to sleep – all because someone broke the rules through a total disregard for others.

I just don’t GET you. I really don’t. If you really loved animals, your animal, the way you claim to by training them to “sort of” heel, you’d respect it enough to have it on a leash. You’d respect my dad’s dog enough to not put it in a situation where IT might hurt your dog and be put to sleep.

via huskiesinthehatch.com

Can an Unleashed Dog Be Put Down?

An unleashed dog can react violently in when provoked suddenly. Certainly, someone might be bitten while trying to separate two fighting dogs. Many owners do not know how to handle such a situation, hence the damage may be greater, or at least perceived as such.

The moment the authorities are called in, you can no longer control what happens to your dog. Even a quarantine period can be disastrous for a sensitive dog. If someone decides that your dog is a danger to his surroundings, he could even be put down.

Your dog or anyone who crosses his path do not deserve the pain and distress.

Out of consideration for other humans and for the safety of your dog, always put a leash on your dog when going outside.

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