[tps_header]Your fur child needs to be on-leash when outside. So, in order to make the idea more palatable and fun, we found some great leashes that make going out with your dog less stressful and so much safer as well.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]Reflective No-Pull & No-Choke Dog Harness with Matching Leash for small, medium, and large dogs[/tps_title]

Here’s a light-weight, heavy duty leash for walking as well as training your dog. It adjusts to your fur child’s body shape and allows for unrestricted freedom of movement with no pulling or tugging. Walking your dog will turn into a fun, safe experience. It’s  built to last for years and comes in several Reflective Colors e.g. Reflective Black, Red, Blue, Neon Green and Neon Orange.

Reflective Dog Harness