Another hot summer is upon us. So, Jess Ritchie decided to film herself sitting in a car that grew increasingly hot as the sun burned through the roof. She hoped to raise awareness and showed a thermometer to show just how hot it really gets inside a parked car on a summer day.

“I actually didn’t realize how quickly the inside of a car heats up – it’s unreal.” Jess said.

The temperature quickly rises from 35 degrees C to 41.5 degrees C and Jess looks like she’s having a bit of trouble breathing. She is sweating A LOT.

“This is absolutely horrible. I can’t even think,” she said shortly before deciding to end the film.

Jess lasted just 10 minutes inside the car, before she had to give up the experiment. It had grown unbearable in such a short time.


Let’s hope this video causes pet owners to think twice before they decide to leave their dogs locked in the car. In order to avoid preventable tragedy, parents too, must be extremely vigilant when traveling with children.

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“Experience” what it’s like to actually be a dog that’s left in a hot car for even a short time. 

 Cool your dog with a bucket of water – You need to have this in your car!

A Vet Shows Why Dogs Die in Cars on Hot Days

To highlight the dangers of leaving dogs in cars on hot days, Dr Ernie Ward voluntarily shut himself in a car for 30 minutes in the beating sun, and hits temperatures of nearly 50 degrees celcius.


A dog-loving cop, saved the life of a little puppy who was left in a very hot car in a mall parking lot in Pensacola, Florida. Officer Anthony Giorgio had been dispatched to the mall for two reports of dogs locked in parked cars. On the first call, owners returned to their car the same time the officer arrived, but the second call, the officer took matters into his own hands.

“I’m putting my hands in the window, I get on the radio and call my sergeant and he tells me to get in it,” Giorgio said. The puppy’s faint barks could be heard coming through a cracked window. Thankfully its SOS was heard. Giorgio took a baton to the passenger side window, smashing the glass to pieces and was able to unlock the door of the car. None of the glass got on the puppy because it was tucked away under the back seat. Once he pulled the puppy out, the mall parking lot crowd came to help.

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The puppy was given water, put in front of AC in the patrol car, and then eventually put on ice. It survived. The puppy’s owners were cited by Escambia County Animal Services. “The dog was returned to them because it was such a young puppy that we just wanted to make sure it got back with its mother where it would be OK,” said John Robinson, division manager with the Escambia County Animal Services. The owners were given a civil penalty for Cruelty to Animal, a fine that carries $150 for first offenders.Robinson explains if the dog died, they would have faced criminal charges. He adds they are very lucky it did not. “I’ve seen pictures of the puppy. I haven’t seen it personally,” Robinson said. “The size and the age, it’s pretty lucky it’s still around.” According to PETA, on a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a car parked can reach up to 120 degrees in just minutes. WEAR reports that if the puppy stayed in the car any longer, it likely would not have survived. Giorgio said he was not going to let that happen. “I have a couple of dogs at home,” Giorgio said. “I do, I do love dogs.”

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Firemen Save A Dog from a Hot Car


Two Dogs Trapped in a Hot Car


About 20 minutes after recording the video of an update to this post – http://heatkills.org/golden-retriever… – in which I captured, for the second time in four days, a big Golden Retriever trapped in the same, hot car, I began hearing two smaller dogs barking/yelping from the adjoining parking lot. I’d listened to this for at least ten minutes, as I was writing up the blog on the other incident, then decided to go investigate. This video documents what I found.

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A Hot car is like an oven


A grandfather and his dog  apparently died of heat exhaustion following an electronic malfunction that left them trapped inside the vehicle amid sweltering heat.

When the pair got inside the sports car, Port Arthur police believe a battery cable somehow came loose, not only preventing the car from starting, but also from allowing Rogers to open its electric-powered doors, trapping them both inside.  Rogers was not able to call anyone for help because he had accidentally left his cell phone in the restaurant.

Another Waffle House regular, made his way to the parking lot and tried to unlock the doors with little success. The two had already succumbed to heat exhaustion by the time others arrived to help. Firefighters were later forced to break the window open to get Rogers and Leia out of the Corvette. Port Arthur police believe heat exhaustion killed the pair.

A Good Samaritan Comes Along and Saves a Dog on the Brink of Death


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