[tps_header]The story of America’s fight for Independence from the British is so beautifully told in these two videos. Not only will children understand and later remember, but their parents, too will find themselves re-imagining those eventful times, that formed the United States.[/tps_header]

Pups of Liberty: The Boston Tea-Bone Party

Are you ready for an adventure? Travel back to 1773 to witness the beginning of the Ameri-canine revolution! In Pups of Liberty: The Boston Tea-Bone Party, you’ll see the real people of the American Revolution portrayed by cats and dogs. Watch as Spaniel Adams and Paul Ruffere help organize the Pups of Liberty to protest the new taxes imposed on them by the Royal Tomcat and insist on No Laws Without Paws!

This fun and beautifully-animated film is a great way to introduce young students to the ideas and events that led to the founding of the United States of America.