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Tommy’s Coloring Book #2

Continuing our story from the previous page:

After completing his first book, Tommy was still so eager and energetic, that his creativity could not be stopped until, lo and behold, a second coloring book was ready.

As the draft pages rolled from the printer, Tommy came up with yet another brilliant idea. “How about humans send pictures of their dogs for me to retouch? That would be fun. The first page of the book could display their dog with its name underneath. I’ll bet the dog will love it.”

Printing Tommy's Coloring Books


So, there we are.

  • If you send a couple of pictures of your dog, Tommy will choose one, retouch it, and add it to a special page in the book.
  • You’ll then receive a link to download the book to show to your dog, who’ll be delighted that you can sit together and color. Tommy’s convinced your dog will be SO HAPPY, and the entire family will be SO PROUD of the dog.
  • Don’t forget to send his/her name and a short bio.
  • There will be a special form to make it easy for you to supply the pictures and information.

As Tommy says, “Dogs love to see themselves in print!!!” Wouldn’t it be awesome to see your dog in a book?

Tommy Coloring Book #2 + Opening Page

Send in some great pictures of your dog

and Tommy will choose and retouch one of them to add to the Opening Page of Tommy’s Coloring Book for Dogs #2

Don’t forget to add your dog’s name and a short bio.

A special form makes it easy for you to supply information and pictures.
You don’t need to do so immediately, since you may want to look for good pictures. You can return to the form later.

After payment, you’ll receive a link to the form.

Our family was so excited to see Sparky’s book and his picture. I think I’ll keep it safe as keepsake. BTW, I bought another copy for coloring.

Barbara Thiel

My grandson came over the other day and I showed him Buffy’s picture in the coloring book. He absolutely loved it and asked to take the book to show at school.

Jeanette Williams

Tommy Coloring Book #2 + Dogs

Tommy says, “Dogs love to see themselves in print!!!”

Send some pictures of your dog and you’ll receive Tommy’s Coloring Book for Dogs #2 with a picture of your dog inside
Your dog will appear prominently on the Opening Page with his/her name and bio (if you send one)

Get it Right Now, While It’s Still Available at a SPECIAL LOW PRICE!

It can be yours for just one payment of $95    $47   (the price will go up soon!)

(Please allow 21 days for Tommy to deliver your Coloring Book with your dog’s picture inside via email.
He says it’ll likely be sooner, but he just wants to play safe.)

Tommy’s real proud to be earning a living. 🙂 Please support him!

Credits | Dogs: Pixabay Public Doman | Graphics  webdesignhotfreedesignfile (Book 1+2), vectorbg (Book 2)