Tommy’s Coloring Books for Dogs

Finally, Dogs and Their Humans Can Color Together

Tommy's Coloring Books for Dogs

Your dog will love you for it...

True Story


Tommy – insists on fashion accessories

Tommy’s an opinionated toy fox terrier who is the center of attention wherever he goes. His humble beginnings as a mixed breed rescue, in no way diminish his self confidence.

Choco, Tommy’s sister is a gentle but lively black lab mix, with the most beautiful brown eyes you ever saw. She’s about 3 times Tommy’s size, but generously gives in to his Napoleonic tendencies. They’re good friends most of the time.


Choco – the laid-back type
(unless the door’s left open and she’s out like a rocket)


Shori – simple lifestyle

Shori was their predecessor. He looked a bit like Choco and was energetic like Tommy, though less creative.

He had a job so important that Tommy decided there had to be a website to remember him by.
It’s called, aimed at ensuring that humans understand what their dogs really think and want
. Since Shori can’t help with this, Tommy has stepped up to the plate. Choco is his adviser.

What did Shori do that was so important? A little 6 year old girl suffered a horrible brain injury. Shori never left her side for several years, till he reached the ripe old age of 97 (comparing human years to dog years). One morning he rested his head on the carpet and fell asleep forever. The little girl cried and cried and cried. Shori was buried behind an old stone wall, facing the trees where they used to play and listen to each other’s troubles. The little girl is grown up now, and she’s expecting a little girl (or boy) of her own.

Tommy's birthday party

Tommy’s Birthday Party

Recently, we celebrated Tommy’s 5th birthday. The plan was to make it a happy day for him with heaps of attention. But it didn’t quite turn out that way.

Tommy sat on a pile of pillows, all dressed up with a new red bandana around his neck. His fur  was shiny after a good brushing. He got a stringy toy, a ball, and a green bone-shaped name tag. It has a phone number on the back so people can bring him home, should he ever get lost.

During the party Tommy seemed happy enough, and so it came as a surprise when he sulked in the corner afterwards.

“Nobody asked me what I wanted,” he complained. “So, what did you want?” we asked. “A coloring book,” he said. “I just wanted a coloring book, so so we can all color together.

Poor disappointed Tommy moped, mumbled, and grumbled all evening while the family went about it’s business. Even making loud noises did not seem to impress them one bit. So, eventually Tommy collected what was left of his pride and went to sleep. “Sniff, tomorrow’s another day.”


A Coloring Book for Dogs – Who’s Idea Was That?

The morning after the party, Tommy was up at the crack of dawn, energized in search of snacks. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a great idea popped into his head. Just like that.

“Enough of waiting for handouts from humans (except food),” he thought. “They simply can’t be trusted to guess, what a dog has his or her heart set on.”

Luckily, Tommy has a great sense of style and loves colors (pretty obvious from the pillows in the party picture). So, now that he was over the birthday debacle, he decided to create a coloring book for dogs and their humans. And that’s how “Tommy’s Coloring Books for Dogs” came to life.

Quick to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop, Tommy managed the various tasks involved, and Voila! a few days and nights later, there was the first book.

Coloring Book #1 Cover

Tommy's First Coloring Book for Dogs

Tommy’s picture is on the book cover (including reading glasses from spending hours at the computer)

Tommy Coloring Book #1 internal pages

Pages to Color Together with Your Dog

Inside are many doggy friends

I can completely relate to Tommy. He’s so adorable and clever. My grandkids love the coloring book.

Julie Smithson

This is such a touching story. I could not resist. The book is great.

Rose Willis

You are so lucky to have Tommy. We enjoy the coloring book.

Jen Bennett

Tommy's Coloring Books for Dogs

A labor of love... Tommy says he wants to be financially independent

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